Whether you have a birthday, anniversary, baby shower, christening  or any other type of party you are looking to plan, Craft 17 can provide a beautiful centre piece for any occasion. 

We offer a range of handmade baked goods along with a selection of alcohols.  However we can completely tailor these at your request, including a non alcoholic bar for events such as a school prom or children's party. 

We can also bring some personal touches to the day should you choose, by creating a personalised drink for you and your guests to enjoy and capture memories on our vintage instant camera for your guests to take with them and cherish.  

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At Craft 17  we recognise how special your day is and want to provide you with those personal little touches to make it extra memorable.

Whilst we provide our beautiful vintage horse trailer, complete with flowers and fairy lights.

We can also create a special personalised drink for your day.

In addition you can send us photos and videos of the moments you have shared as a couple and we will project on our screen your memories for you and your guests to enjoy throughout the day.

If your guests would like to capture a moment in the day we also provide a vintage camera, that instantly gives them a photo to takeaway and cherish.


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We at Craft 17 are more than happy to host any upcoming event you may have.  This could be a corporate event, street market, fayre or festival, of any size.  We have fully trained, professional, licensed staff with great customer service experience.

We serve a range of craft beer, gin, vodka, wine and prosecco bringing something different that  people may not have experienced before.  We believe it is important to support local small businesses which is why we source our carefully selected craft products for everyone to enjoy.

We also pride ourselves on being kind to our environment so we ensure all the products and utensils are all biodegradable. 



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Pay As You Go Bar 

Where you and you're guests pay for each drink as you go through the event.

Contribution Bar Where you can contribute an amount of you're choice behind the bar.  Once this has been spent, the bar then reverts back to a pay as you go bar. 

Open Bar 

Where you and you're guests don't need to put a hand in their pockets and the bill is settled at the end of the event.